The church still faces a number of scandals from child abuse to persecutions. America and Europe the media made a tremendous work to open up these scandals. In Africa the scandals are covered and protected at any cost. Unfortunately the world is becoming one village, which makes very difficult the Church in Africa to continue protecting criminals and human rights violators.

Nuns are raped, young girls abused and orphans resulting from church’s silence jam the streets. The Pope is trying very hard to defend the church and apologies for what happened in Europe and America, giving little attention on what is happening in Africa.

Giving a living example. My Bishop abused me; abuse in a sense that My Bishop Used my confession to punish me and ruin my faith, he suspended me for 10 years without food, shelter, medical treatment and spiritual care. Read the letter, I sent to The Pope Nuncio in Tanzania, to complain. The letter was not answered; this is another Human Rights abuse. I complained to Rome, no answer was given. Later, this year the Pope, removed me from priestly functions without listening to me. The communication between The Holy Father and me was done through Radio, Television and newspapers. No personal communication was made. My personal consent was completely ignored.

A number of people are suffering in Africa nothing is being done. I would like to call upon all human rights activist to give an attention on what is happening in African Church.

With this introduction, read my letter to the Nuncio, and then join me to ask the Holy Father to take actions.

Nuncio Tanzania"

Your Grace,


My Bishop, The Right Reverend Bishop Severine
Niwemugizi, the Bishop of Rulenge Diocese, used my
confession to persecute me and ruin my faith. I
confessed to him in the year 1993, before his
ordination as the Bishop. In 1997, two weeks after his
ordination as the Bishop of Rulenge Diocese, he used
my confession against me! I am sure you are aware of
what the Canon Law says about this! If the Canon Law
is there to defend all the faithful, I hope my rights
will be defended too!

I received my first warning ( a waring which was a
result of my confession) from Bishop Severine, only a
month after his ordination as the Bishop of Rulenge
Diocese. Two other well planned warnings followed
thereafter, and I was suspended from priestly
functions in the year 2000.

The Bishop, ordered me to move from missions premises
and even from the diocese, to go and live in my home
village. Since then, I have been living without any
material and spiritual support from my Bishop! I tried
several times to contact him, but he refused to grant
me even a single minute to talk to him; several other
people tried to talk to him about my situation,but he
refused to listen!

Your Grace, this year is my silver jubilee as a
priest. I would like to say the Holy Mass. I believe
your office is in the position of handling my case
before the date of my anniversary, which is 27 Th
December this year. If it is possible, then allow me
to send by post all the documents and evidences
concerning my case with My Bishop. If it is not
possible, then kindly direct me where to forward my

Your Grace, I think it is my right to fight for my
rights! My Bishop used my confession to persecute me
and to ruin my faith, I have all the evidences, My
Bishop used his personal hatred ( there are reasons
for this personal hatred) to punish me, I have all the
evidences, why should I keep quite? I hope it is high
time to let the whole world know the Injustices commit
ed by my Bishop.

Waiting for your Intervention.
Yours in Jesus Christ.
Fr.Privatus Karugendo.


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